Best keto snacks for bridging the hunger gap between meals

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Sticking to three meals a day without anything in between can be incredibly difficult, and not exactly necessary. For many people, keeping the engine running throughout the day requires a little nibble here and there to bridge the gap between main meals. On a ketogenic diet plan, this can be very difficult as it’s not like you can throw a piece of bread in the toaster or grab a banana from the fruit bowl and nibble it alongside a few crackers.

However, the best keto-friendly snacks just so happen to be the tastiest, in my opinion. Keep reading for a list of snacks which are keto-friendly, delicious, easy to source or prepare, and will leave you feeling satisfied until your next meal.

keto guacamole


Avocado is a great fruit to snack on because it provides healthy fats and fiber to keep you full and satisfied. Mash ripe avocado flesh with a squeeze of lemon juice, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Either have a few spoonfuls alone, or use capsicum or celery sticks to scoop it up.

Avocado net carbs per 100 grams: 2 grams

Boiled eggs:

One boiled egg as a snack will provide you with enough protein to keep you full, but not so much that you’ll go overboard and ruin ketosis with a protein overdose. Choose free-range, cage-free eggs and add a dash of salt or chili powder to liven them up.

Net carbs for one large egg: 0.6 grams

keto olives


A few olives soaked in olive oil or brine will provide you with healthy fats and rich, salty flavors to push you past any nagging cravings. I find they’re great for settling cravings for banned foods such as potato chips and pretzels. Keep a jar of rich black or green olives in the fridge and nibble a few to keep you going.

Net carbs for 10 black olives: 1 gram

Net carbs for 10 green olives: 0.3 grams

Canned tuna:

Canned tuna spread onto celery sticks is a nutritious way to add more fatty acids to your diet, and give you a satiating protein dose. Choose the varieties which are soaked in olive oil, and avoid any added flavors as they’re likely to have hidden nasties.

Net carbs per 100 grams of canned tuna: 0 grams

kale chips

Kale chips:

Kale lightly roasted with olive oil and sea salt is a crunchy, satisfying way to have a chip-like nibble without carb-loading. They’re a great way to add more leafy greens to your day, and up your fat intake with the addition of oil.

Net carbs per 100 grams of raw kale: 5 grams

Celery sticks and nut butter:

Celery on its own is a little…um…boring. But when you add a little slathering of peanut or almond butter, it becomes a crunchy little vessel of tastiness. The crunchiness and hydrating nature of celery combined with the fatty creaminess of nut butter is perfect for satisfying hunger and cravings during the stretch between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner.

Net carbs per 100 grams of celery: 1 gram

Net carbs per tablespoon of almond butter: 2 grams (made with pure almonds)

Net carbs per tablespoon of peanut butter: 2 grams (for natural peanut butter made with only peanuts and a pinch of salt)



For lovers of all things meaty and salty, jerky or biltong (South African dried beef) is a dream snack. It provides protein to keep you full, and the chewy saltiness is satisfying, even if it’s not exactly filling you up. Sometimes all we want is something to nibble on, or something packed with flavor to give is a little taster before the main meal finally rolls around.

Net carbs per 100 grams of beef jerky or biltong: 4 grams


Ah, cheese, thank goodness you are very low-carb, as many of us simply couldn’t manage without you. A square or two of cheese is surprisingly filling, and the sharpness, saltiness, and creaminess of many cheeses (such as cheddar) will instantly quell your cravings and hunger pangs.

Net carbs per 100 grams of cheddar cheese: 1 gram


The best way to ensure you don’t have a slip-up and reach for an off-limits snack is to be prepared. Ensure you have keto-friendly snacks such as the ones above stashed in your handbag, work desk, work fridge, home fridge, and even in your car if you find yourself on a long commute with a grumbling tummy.

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