Surviving Keto Christmas

Surviving Your First Keto Christmas

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If there’s anything that threatens to shatter your valiant keto efforts it’s a table laden with Christmas treats. Now, if you do happen to indulge, it’s not the end of the world. But you certainly don’t need to succumb if you don’t want to, and there are plenty of ways to get your fill of festive delights without filling your body with carbs and sugars. If you’re a seasoned keto-er, then you’re probably already a pro at keto Christmas, but if this is your first keto Christmas? Keep reading.

If you’re spending Christmas at another person’s house, perhaps with your in-laws, parents, friends or siblings, the difficulty level will rise. You don’t want to be the person refusing all the food on offer…but you still have to eat. Luckily, there are simple ways around this. Here are some tips for remaining in ketosis whilst away from home during the holidays:

- Call the host and offer to share the cooking load

Have a chat with whoever is hosting Christmas and let them know about your keto diet, if they don’t already know. Offer to prepare and bring a range of keto-friendly dishes to contribute to the menu. The host will be grateful for the help, and there will be no surprises when you turn up and refuse the roasted potatoes and stuffing. If you turn up with a super buttery, super creamy mashed cauliflower, no one will be complaining.

Bonus keto tip: make Christmas chocolate truffles with coconut oil, cocoa powder, stevia, and an MCT powder to help keep those healthy fat levels up

- Be prepared

Research keto substitutes for classic Christmas dishes long before the holidays arrive. Plan a menu, a shopping list and set aside some days to dedicate to keto cooking. By the time the holidays roll around (and they always arrive far more quickly than we anticipate), you’ll be ready to go, stress free and keto-friendly.

Bonus keto tip: don’t go overboard on the protein, it might shatter your ketosis. To help moderate your meat and dairy intake, come prepared with foods such as guacamole and olives in oil.

keto olives

- Pre-order ingredients

I don’t know about you, but where I live, the grocery stores and supermarkets are absolutely raided at the last minute, leaving all of the fresh produce, meats and dairy products sparse and hard to come by. The savvy shoppers pre-order fresh veggies, fruits, organic meats, and even nuts from specialty stores, organic butchers, and grocers long before Christmas. By the time Christmas comes, all you need to do is pick up the goods or have them delivered.

- Bring your own drinks

Sugary margaritas, craft beers, and sweet eggnog will surely be around to tempt you. You will have a far better chance of resisting if you come armed with your own tipples. Come armed with vodka and soda, a good-quality whiskey, and some citrus for flavor. You’ll be toasting with the best of them (in moderation, of course). It also pays to come prepared with your own supplements if you are staying for the long haul over the holidays, (i.e. more than a few days).

keto food

-Make the most of rich foods

Cheese, salmon, toasted nuts, and creamy dips are all within your bounds. Make the most of them! When the platters come around, don’t hold back on the brie, the smoked salmon and the spinach-cream cheese dip with celery sticks. That way, when the main meals roll around, you’ll be more than satisfied with the turkey and salad. You can contribute your own, homemade starters such as dips made from salmon and cream cheese, snacks such as brie wrapped in pancetta, and sweets such as nuts covered in dark chocolate. All keto-friendly and completely worthy of the Christmas treat binge.

- Give family a heads up

If your family doesn’t know that you are a keto warrior, you might want to let them know before you get started on the festivities. Not all families are this way, but some can be a little nosy when it comes to new habits and lifestyles. If they already know you won’t be partaking in the usual starchy goods, then there will be less pressure on you to explain why. This might not apply to you or your family at all, but for those of you who know what I’m talking about…go ahead and give that heads up asap.

In summary? Christmas on keto doesn’t need to be too stressful or restrictive. As long as you get yourself together long before the big week arrives. Just remember this:

  • Be prepared
  • Write menus
  • Pre-order if you think you’ll need to
  • Offer to help with the food and contribute keto-friendly dishes
  • Give yourself free reign on the decadent, low-carb nibbles and treats
  • Make sure the family knows about your keto life to avoid explanations
  • Have fun with it! Don’t see it as a daunting pile of stress, see it as a chance to try new keto dishes and prove to yourself that keto doesn’t need to restrict your fun or your taste buds, even during the most indulgent of holidays

And if all else fails? Cancel Christmas and get yourself a ticket to a tropical island and avoid the whole thing.

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