Highest Quality, Science-Backed and Environmentally Responsible.


The Ketogenic Diet’s Link to Better Health.

It’s easy to understand why Keto is such a hot topic today. Research attests to the many benefits delivered by a Keto Diet: Healthy fat loss, increased brain function; improved physical performance and longevity, among others, along with help in management of diabetes, insulin resistance and epilepsy, with the improvement of overall health.

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Our Promise is Cleaner and Safer Products.

With so many products available today, superior quality is the best and only way to earn customer trust. We use only the best possible ingredients without artificial flavors and no fillers or added chemicals. Keto 22 is gluten-free, non-GMO, made in the USA in GMP certified facilities, giving our customers a level of quality that is simply unequalled.

Committed to Environmental Responsibility.

Product quality and putting customer safety before profit is our way of giving back and it also helps to protect the earth. We do it by using glass whenever possible and although this may cost us a little more, to us, doing the right thing isn’t just our way, we think it’s the only way. At Keto 22 we’ve chosen products you can trust and use with genuine confidence.

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To Us, Better Keto Should Taste Better, Too.

Everyone knows that too often low carb foods are lacking in flavor and to us that was simply unacceptable. To get it right we’ve spent months perfecting formulas and recipes with a clear and non-negotiable goal. Vowing not to quit until our flavors met our own high standards, meticulously testing and re-testing until they truly were just right.

At Keto 22 Science Guides All That We Do.

When your co-founder and CMO is a doctor, better overall health for our customers never takes a back seat. In our case, Dr. Nathaniel Brown, DPT, combines the science of the Keto Diet, with the impact upon people he sees in a real world body of work with real patient benefits. Science over advertising, and the well-being of people over profits.

At Keto 22 Science Guides All That We Do