Keto 22 - MCT Oil Softgels (90ct)

100% Organic Coconut


You’ll love MCT Oil, a super fuel for your cells that ignites rapid fat burning energy. Lose it in a hurry along with dramatically improved mental clarity.

What is MCT oil and why is it good for ketosis?

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. In other words, super healthy fatty acids mostly sourced from organic coconut oil. What’s cool and unique about MCT’s in particular is that our bodies can use them as energy pretty much as soon as they enter our system. They don’t need to go through the processes that other fats go through. That’s why MCT oil is a common ketosis supplement ingredient which supports keto weight loss goals.

Why should I take MCT organic oil capsules?

MCT oil comes with amazing health benefits, for both the body and the mind:

  • MCT oil gives you instant energy without a trace of carbs or sugar, which means no sluggish crashes to slow you down or mess with your blood sugar
  • Keeps your mind sharp and alert, which is great for productivity and work, and generally winning at life everyday
  • Ideal ketosis supplement as it encourages ketone production and keeps you energized without carbs
  • MCT oil from organic coconut oil protects your heart by encouraging a healthy balance between nasty cholesterol and friendly cholesterol
  • MCT oil can speed up your metabolism, all from swallowing a few capsules. This aids weight loss and helps your body to burn energy efficiently
  • Our MCT capsules are made from organic coconut oil, kept in an earth-friendly glass bottle. By taking our MCT oil capsules you’re nourishing your body and cherishing the earth!

How do I take MCT oil capsules?

Swallow down 1-3 capsules each day with an 8oz glass of water. Easy as that. No need to get out the blender or stirring spoons.

Troy K
High quality, convenient soft gels
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Great to have for work to supplement my mct intake when there's no time for breaks. An energy boost and suppresses appetite while on keto days.
Nicolas M
Best product in my keto plan
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Best MCT Capsules on the market. I highly recommend this product!! Mild taste, no stomach discomfort and easy to swallow. Easy to get the amount of fat you desire
Tim M
Great for Glycemic control and less cravings!
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I have started taking these after introducing this alternative MCT oil therapy to a family member that is a pretty brittle diabetic. These Keto 22 are easy to swallow, convenient, and seem to has less stomach irritation then others (I and my family member battle awful gastritis with other supplement therapy). This MCT oil plus diet changes has helped my DM family member reduce her A1C by two points! That significant health improvement is why I decided to try Keto 22 MCT Oil therapy within my own diet changes... I have been taking it for week and already feel less cravings while still being able to pursue a pretty strong weekly workout regimen... Stoked!
Lindsay G.
Awesome product! Will definitely be purchasing again!
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Loving this product so far! I love the idea of them being in a capsule form, as it’s quick and easy to take with the rest of the vitamins I take, rather then making a shake, or adding powder to my coffee in the morning especially if I’m in a rush. It’s also extremely convenient for me because I travel a lot and I don’t have to take the tub of powder which I normally use which is such a bonus! (Still love the powder in my smoothies and coffee though 🙂 On another note, I’m curious as to what country the capsules are made? I’ve bought from this company before and have stuck with buying my Keto products from them since I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them. They ship out really quick too! I love the powder for when I’m home, but now I have these for when I’m traveling and not taking up a lot of room in my suitcase. No bad aftertaste, super convenient and time saving. Would definetly reccomend this to anyone that is trying to lose weight, needing that kick of energy, and all around just feeling healthy!


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