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How To Do Keto On A Budget

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New diets can be expensive before you get to know all the savvy money-saving tricks. Keto is no exception. In fact, the keto diet is actually guilty of being quite expensive in comparison to a “normal” (i.e. lots of carbs) diet. Bread, rice, pasta, noodles, flour…they’re all filling and cheap. So when we take them away…it can be hard to replace them sufficiently without going way over budget.

However, keto on a budget is absolutely possible! Here are our little tricks and tips to a successful keto diet on a smaller budget.

Find the cheapest local produce store

It’s tempting to get all of your food in one go, at the supermarket. But it can be really worth it to get your produce from a farmers market. Farmers markets (not all, but many) tend to have better-quality produce at lower prices.

It’s better quality because it’s often locally-sourced, fresher and has had a shorter time between the ground to the shelf. Many grocers have great deals and specials on seasonal fruits and veggies which they need to sell quickly and in abundance. Do a bit of research and find the cheapest grocer in your area.

keto farmers market

Grow your own produce

Okay, I know that not everyone has the time or space to grow vegetables, but if you do…go for it! Having your own veggies to harvest and cook encourages you to use what you have, and keeps you out of the store for longer. Crops such as spinach and lettuce are great because you can just pick what you need, right from the plant.

Make the most of supermarket meat specials and butcher specials

Sometimes, spending a bit of money at one time will save you a lot of money in the future. This applies when buying meat on the keto diet. If your supermarket sells good-quality meats then look out for specials and make the most of them. If there’s a particularly good deal…grab a few and pop them in the freezer.

Buying a few cheaper packages of meat now will save you from having to buy regular-price meats during the next few supermarket visits. Don’t forget about the butcher. Go in and ask them what their specials are like. You’ll probably find they have some great cuts of meat which are less popular, but totally delicious and completely affordable. 

Stock the freezer

As mentioned earlier…stock the freezer with your meats and even your veggies. When you come across those meat deals, stash them in the freezer and in no time you’ll have a store of meat to last you a long time.

By having meats and veggies on hand, you’ll be less likely to go to the supermarket, therefore avoiding the temptation to buy unnecessary items. It’s also great to have as many keto-friendly foods stashed away as you can, to avoid either going hungry or breaking keto.

Meal prep

Prepping your meals with what you’ve got at the time is a great way to save money on keto. If you’ve got 5 days worth of meals ready and waiting, you’re not going to go and buy more ingredients or be tempted to eat out. Your supermarket bills will go down and your keto plan will be intact.

Write concise shopping lists

Being prepared before you go to the supermarket is key. If you go without a plan, you’re likely to buy all kinds of things which won’t get eaten in time and ultimately thrown out. Or, you’ll buy random ingredients which don’t quite work and you’ll end up with unbalanced meals. I mean, you may be an expert impromptu supermarket shopper, but if you’re anything like me, you need that list!

Plan what meals you want to eat for the week and write down everything you need. Go over the list and make sure there’s nothing on there you don’t already have, or don’t really require. Do a quick cost estimation with your calculator and make sure it’s within budget.

This gives you the best chance at staying on budget at the supermarket while still getting everything you need to sustain your keto diet.

Get creative with what you’ve got

Before you decide you’ve got nothing to eat so you must go to the supermarket or your go-to keto-friendly restaurant…stop! Take another look and think outside the box.

Look at your spices, oils, proteins, and veggies and see what you could create. Chances are, there’s enough in your freezer, fridge, and cupboard to come together to create a delicious, keto-friendly meal. There’s something really rewarding about making a meal with ingredients you already have. No extra money spent. No wastage. All keto!

keto buddy

Go halves with a keto buddy

If you have a friend who is also a keto-dieter, why not team up with them and do some shopping trips together? You might find that there are some great deals which would be more cost-effective when shared. You could even go halves in a grass-fed meat delivery or a veggie delivery service to cut the costs and also avoid wastage.  

When it comes to oils and nuts which tend to be expensive, find a bulk deal and split it. And hey, you could even cook and meal-prep together…why not make keto fun, social and budget-friendly?


The ketogenic diet doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. You can shop wisely by seeking out the cheapest produce suppliers, keeping an eye out for meat specials, prepping, making lists and joining with a keto buddy.

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