Dr. Nathaniel Brown, DPT

Dr. Nathaniel Brown, DPT


Vision Combining the Best of Old and New.

Dr. Nathaniel Brown specializes in blending science and new techniques with disciplined best practices. His formal training reflects a similar fusion. Earning a doctorate in physical therapy complemented by undergraduate focus on health and fitness and exercise science benefits his patients with diverse conditions and at every stage of life.

A Belief in Better Overall Health for All.

He knows the key isn’t just better products, but access to better information that guides people on their personal journey to better health. Healthier foods are a critical part of a healthier lifestyle, but he envisions a company that is interested not merely in transactions, but a goal of optimal health for the customers making those transactions.

An Entrepreneur and Food Evangelist.

The evidence is undeniable, and the impact is something evident in his patients seen every day: Smoking will soon be displaced as the number one preventable cause of death, surpassed by the national and international epidemic of excess body fat and obesity. Dr. Brown co-founded Keto 22 as a people-first company with better, healthier solutions.

Better Products and Results are by Design.

We’re alarmed by the adverse effects of processed foods on patients of all ages. Their diagnoses inspired by the role of the Keto Diet in recovery plans, helping maintain ketosis for better overall health, wellness and relief of musculoskeletal impairment. Helping people by doctor-developed, research-backed, clean and environmentally sound Keto 22 products.

Empowering Taking Control of Your Health.

Dr. Brown’s goal is for each patient and customer to reach their goals. Eating better is the beginning, but it takes tools and support along the way. To help, our test strips keep you on track, to maintain the right level of ketosis, safely. Ongoing education helps people achieve optimal health, and become happier, healthier citizens of a better world as they do.